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Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that can lead to serious health problems, such as high blood pressure and heart trouble. Untreated sleep apnea causes breathing to stop repeatedly during sleep, causing loud snoring and daytime tiredness, even with a full night’s sleep.

Untreated sleep apnea has been shown to lead to serious health problems, such as Type II diabetes, obesity, strokes and heart failure. apnea also contributes to age-related decline in cognitive function.

Sleep apnea affects globally around 1 billion people. One of every 9  women and one of every 5 men suffer from moderate to severe OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) and requires treatment. Annual size of the apnea solution market is estimated at $10B in a few years.

All existing solutions in the market are invasive which causes millions to avoid using them altogether or quit after a relatively short (and vastly uncomfortable) experience. Moreover, in recent months major CPAP manufacturers are recalling their products due to failures that may cause severe health problems.

Appscent Medical’s disruptive and innovative solution is geared to reshape the sleep solutions market by offering the world’s first non-intrusive, contactless, drugless, home use medical device for sleep apnea patients, alleviate their apnea and snoring sessions hence improve the lives of millions globally.

Appscent’s breakthrough scentific medical device offers contactless instant detection and immediate relief for sleep apnea. An AI diagnostic platform monitors the patient’s actual breathing and sleep patterns to determine the right moment to release our patented scent technology, ensuring personalized odorant solution that reduces the number of apnea events as well as their duration.

Our Unique Solution


Our disruptive innovation is a non-invasive, integrated, system that includes a detection and therapeutic platform.

The detection platform is based on remote sensing technology integrated with AI, local, and cloud based back-end. The non-contact sensors capture a range of physiological parameters which are then analyzed by our advanced AI algorithms that command the remedy platform to act based on a personalized physiological profile of the user.

  • Appscent’s breakthrough Scentific medical device offers contactless instant detection and immediate relief for sleep apnea.
  • The AI diagnostic platform monitors the patient’s actual breathing and sleep pattern.
  • Patented scent technology ensures personalized odorant solution that reduces apnea events and duration.
  • Non-contact, non-invasive, effortless and pleasant bedside solution.
  • Comfortable and easy handling, simple care and low maintenance.

How does this work?

A sensor, placed next to the sleeping patient, monitors the patient’s actual breathing and sleep patterns. When it senses that an apnea episode is about to begin, it notifies the main processing unit.


The main unit then sends back an order, and an attractive scent is dispersed above the patient’s head.


This triggers an automatic sniffing reflex, which in turn, gets the patient to start breathing normally again, without fully waking up.


This non-invasive patent protected solution is without the cost and complication of invasive surgery, and without the evident hassle which brings CPAP above 50% abandon rate in first year.


Sleep apnea is a major worldwide health problem.

Sleep apnea impacts more than 936 million people worldwide. It is a condition characterized by repetitive cessation or decreased amplitude of breathing lasting 10 seconds or more that may occur hundreds of times per night.

Sleep apnea has a significant impact on general health. Sleep apnea has been shown to contribute to the development of other conditions such as: stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Apnea can result from either a central nervous system malfunction in respiratory driving (central sleep apnea, CSA) or a peripheral malfunction of upper airway collapse despite respiratory efforts (obstructive sleep apnea, OSA). CSA and OSA can materialize independently, and they can co-occur.



The standard and most common available treatment for sleep apnea is a highly uncomfortable and invasive device known as the CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) which is comprised of a pump and nasal mask.

The major disadvantage of the CPAP is the relatively low compliance due to its discomfort and side effects. Roughly 12% of users abandon CPAP therapy after 1 night and only 46% use CPAP on a regular daily basis. Thus, apnea remains an often untreated disorder.

( Rotenberg et al. Journal of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (2016) 45:43  , rends in CPAP adherence over twenty years of data collection: a flattened curve )

While CPAP captures about 90% of the existing solutions in the market, there are other invasive offerings like Surgical treatments, Neurostimulation treatments, and Oral treatments, all suffering from a cumbersome procedure, invasive nature, and resistance by patients.

About Us

Appscent Medical Ltd. is a privately-held Israeli company, developing an advanced artificial intelligence medical device that offers continuous, non-contact, detection and relief for sleep apnea.

  • Appscent Medical was founded in 2018 by experienced entrepreneurs with extensive technology and medical background.
  • The company is working in full cooperation with the Weizmann Institute of Science which also developed some of the early technology and IP
  • A seed round was raised from enthusiastic angels and the company won the recognition and funding of the IIA (Israeli Innovation Authority).
  • The company has 2 worldwide granted patents
  • The company obtained the appropriate ISO certifications for a medical device company
    (ISO 27001, ISO 27799, and ISO 13485)
  • The company works closely with the Medical Device Division of the Israeli Ministry of Health on the first line, worldwide product launch in Israel.

Appscent’s team is composed of entrepreneurs, neurobiologists, and data scientists, all perfectly positioned to reap the benefits of the predicted 10bn$/year Global sleep apnea device market

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The Team


Yosi Azoulay

Founder & CEOMore than 13 years of experience as a Project Manager previously the manager of numerous startup accelerators and innovative medical initiative.


Amos Porat

Co-Founder & COO Electric Engineer with 20 years of experience. Amos is a scent based applications researcher and an odorant specialist.

David Vardi

Co-Founder & CTO Senior team leader with extensive experience in applications and algorithms development. David is an Avratech program graduate and a mentor at Google Android Academy.

Dor Ha-Cohen

Head of Data Science Data Science & Machine Learning MSc from UCL London. Experience in Cognitive Neuroscience research, BCI and Neurofeedback.


Yael Corcos

Clinical Trials Manager 12 years of experience in the clinical research industry, a member of AICROs, and as a registered nurse in internal medicine.

The Researchers

Prof. Noam Sobel

Head, Department of Neurobiology, Weizmann Institute. Appscent medical technology is based on an invention made by Professor Noam Sobel and his research group at the Weizmann Institute.
Prof. Sobel and his group have been routinely published in such well respected journals as Science, Nature, PNAS and Nature Neuroscience, and their work has resulted in several patents for medical devices.

Anat Arzi (Ph.D)

Anat Arzi (Ph.D)

Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Cambridge, Member of the Olfactory Research Group at the Weizmann Institute


This product is not yet cleared for marketing in the USA