Accessibility statement

We have invested efforts to make the website accessible to people with disabilities to promote equal rights and transparency toward people with disabilities.

The site complies with AA-level accessibility guidelines.

The accessibility adjustments on the website were made following Regulation 35 of the Equal Rights Regulations for Persons with Disabilities.

Accessibility adjustments to the service (2013) and following the Israeli standard TI 5568 based on WCAG 2.0 guidelines for level AA

The essence of an accessible website

An accessible website is a website that allows a person with a disability to surf it smoothly, like any other surfer.

Accessibility measures on the site

The content pages are written clearly and legibly; there is also a textual alternative to images and media.

The HTML code and the structure of the titles and pages are arranged in a proper hierarchy in order of importance.

The site can be browsed using only a keyboard using the TAB key to move between links.

The website supports the use of assistive technologies and screen reading software.

You can change the size of the font that appears on the site, increase or decrease it.

You can change the site’s colors and set a high contrast ratio.

There are instructions and help for entering input in the forms.

There is an option to skip to the menu, the page’s primary content, and the accessibility menu.

There is an option to highlight links.

Accessibility measures on the site

All pages on this site are accessible except for pages or elements originating from external sites.


We continue to improve the site’s accessibility and would be happy to receive suggestions and comments on the subject.